Signs and Symptoms of Obesity That You Should Be Aware Of

Body Mass Index is not a good indication


More than one-third – 34.9 percent or 78.6 million – of adults in the country are obese, according to the Journal of American Medicine, and there is no indication of the trend changing.

“There are many reasons that people become affected by obesity,” according to Craig Primack MD, FACP, FAAP at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center  and Vice-President of Obesity Medicine Association.[slideshow:85098]

It is much more complex than just eating too much or exercising too little.

“Obesity is considered a chronic disease and should be treated as such,” he adds. It is a complex disorder characterized by having too much body fat.

How it makes a person look is the least of the problems it can cause. The condition increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, to name a few.

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