Should You Try Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes?

They may be just what you need to start loving your workouts

Unlike working out in high heels, exercising while wearing Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes has been less controversial. They were designed with runners in mind  to help reduce the impact associated with a long and intense workout. But many generally people have started using them for this and more reasons.

Significantly reduces impact on joints

An extensive Swiss study has shown a significantly lower peak impact for Kangoo Jumps. The length of the step measured by the time in air is greater with Kangoo Jumps – 143 cm, compared to 123 cm with training shoes. The impact stress is reduced by 80 percent which means the ankles, knees, spine and lower back are safer because they don’t absorb the full shock from running.

Don’t let these numbers fool you, though. Exercising with rebound shoes is still a serious workout. Falls are not common, so relax. It’s just like running on a trampoline.

You burn more calories

Another benefit is the number of calories you burn with the rebound shoes. When you take gravity into consideration, you use about 25 percent more energy (read “burn calories”). You’re also using your abdominal muscles more because you need to bounce off and maintain balance at the same time.

Lower risk of injury

Research has also shown that people who work out or run with traditional sneakers have a higher risk of injury. More than 40 percent reported shin splints or sprains, compared to none reported by people with Kangoo Jumps. That is due to the lower impact absorbed by the legs.

The rebound shoes are useful for people who have not recovered from an injury yet but want to get back to working out. Because the Kangoo Jumps are so much easier on your legs and ankles, resuming your usual program can be done sooner than planned.

Proper posture

An additional bonus of exercising with Kangoo Jumps is better posture. It will inevitably get fixed because you have to keep your balance – just as if you are working out on a trampoline. Stronger back muscles and less to no pain are some of the “side effects” of proper posture. 


A study by the University of British Columbia concluded that the rebound shoes were an innovative training device. Results suggest that using Kangoo Jumps rather than normal running shoes can have a greater effect on cardiovascular fitness improvement. Runners wearing the rebound shoes increased their endurance by 18.3 percent. People wearing regular sneakers increased it just by 3.7 percent.

If you are still not convinced: "Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man," claimed Albert E. Carter, a former professional wrestler who wrote a book about it in 1979. A NASA study a year later essentially confirmed his theory. “The external work output at equivalent levels of oxygen uptake were significantly greater while trampolining than while running," the NASA scientists said, as reported by Daily Herald.

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