Sculpt Your Abs with These 2 Unique Moves



I'm always on the hunt for the latest and greatest abs exercise routine. Why? Well, because let's face it - everybody wants to have abs. You can say that you don't but we all want to have six-pack abs one way or another.

So I searched the net, tinkered around with some equipment, and started hitting these two unique abs exercise moves that have provided me with some unreal results.

The Moves

1. Power Plank Ups

Get 2 Valslide's, furniture movers, or even paper plates on a smooth floor surface.

Start in the front plank position with your feet on the valslides.

Keeping your hands planted, come up off of your elbows and move up on to your hands.

At the same time, perform a "pike" by moving your feet towards your head while keeping your legs straight.

At the top of the movement, keep your legs straight and move them to the outsides of your hips. Think wax on, wax off the movement with your feet.

Bring them back to center; slide your feet back to the beginning position.

What this works:

This is a great way to work your core, yet you also get a huge benefit in your triceps and shoulder muscles too.

2. Plank Jack Knee Tuck

Using the same valslides, or furniture movers, start in a plank position this time starting on your hands.

Keep your legs straight, and core tight. Slide your feet to the side like you would while doing a jumping jack.

Bring your feet back to center.

Bend your knees and bring your feet towards your chest.

Go back to the beginning position (front plank on your hands)


What this works:

This is another great way to work your rectus abdominous (front part of the abs) and your hip abductors and adductors.

Try these moves out today and let me know how it goes!

I'm all over social media and I always respond to any questions or comments.

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