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The New Year came and went; you may have fallen off and steered away from your weight loss goals. Don’t worry… I am here to get you back on track! It’s time to really set some goals and work towards achieving them.

Losing weight is more than just hitting the gym and getting in a quick workout. I mean, working out is a necessity, but to really lose the weight, you need to focus on the mental, physical and nutritional aspects. Mentally, you need to have a positive attitude and make sure your mind is right. Physically, you need to know the right steps to take at the gym to improve your fitness. Nutritionally, there are certain foods that will aid in weight loss as well as harm your weight loss goals.

For instance, eating on a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking you ate more food. Taking a group fitness class forces you to make a commitment that you can’t back out of, and eating protein helps repair your muscles after an intense weight training session.[slideshow:82142]

Now that you know what you need to focus on, here are some weight loss tips to help keep you on the right track toward achieving your ultimate goals.


1. Eat on a Smaller Plate


We tend to eat more when we eat on bigger plates and use bigger bowls. When we see our food on a bigger plate, our mind tells us that we are eating a small portion. Thinking we are not eating enough, we usually get up for a second plate. Try using a smaller plate; this will force you to put less food on your plate, and trick your mind into thinking you ate more food.


2. Don’t Food Shop When You’re Hungry

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Food shopping when you are hungry is a big no, no! When you’re hungry, surrounding yourself with food is a recipe for disaster. You will end up filling up your shopping cart with extra food, more junk food, and less food containing healthy nutrients. Plus, you will end up spending more money.


3. Drink Green Tea

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Green tea has very powerful effects on the body. It contains nutrients and antioxidants that help your body function. One of the main powers of green tea is that is aids in fat loss. It is proven, green tea boosts your metabolic rate which in turn increases the amount of fat you are burning. *Tip: Start your morning with a cup of green tea and get your metabolism revved up for the day.


4. Do Cardio


Cardio is one of the major keys to weight loss. It increases your metabolism which helps you burn more fat. It also aids in the recovery of your muscles. After your weight training session, hop on the treadmill. This will help repair your muscles and prevent soreness.


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