The Most Dangerous Health Trends We Saw in 2016

The things you’re doing to improve your health may actually be harming you


Most people, are concerned about their overall health and wellbeing above all. While that is not a bad thing, many of us are always looking for a quick fix and easy way out. The truth is that, in some cases the things you’re doing to improve your health are actually harming you.

Celebrities and the media play a huge role in sharing the most popular trends. We think that if a celebrity is promoting and hyping it up, we must check out what it’s all about. In some cases, the trend that they are promoting is safe and beneficial, while in other cases, the trend may be extremely dangerous. For instance, waist trainers, which have been hyped up by the Kardashian sisters, put too much pressure on your lungs and ribs, which make it hard to breathe.[slideshow:94750]

In 2016 we have become obsessed with beauty treatments – plastic surgery, ear candling, and cosmetic injections, to  name a few. If it says that it will help slow down the signs of aging, without hesitation, many of us attempt it.

Misuse of prescription medication has also become more prevalent in the past year. “Aside from the fact that teenagers are prone to peer pressure and experimentation, many teens are also under pressure to do well in school and unfortunately, this can lead to Adderall abuse,” Jamison Monroe, founder and CEO of Newport Academy, a mental health and substance abuse treatment center,  explains. Abuse of prescription painkillers has become more common as well.

The Most Dangerous Health Trends We Saw in 2016

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