Get up and Get Fit: Tricks to get you motivated for your morning workout

Get up and get motivated!


Don’t press snooze…It’s time to get up and get motivated! 2016 is here and it’s time to work towards that New Year resolution you promised to stick too!

Do you want to get in shape, lose weight, build muscle or eat healthier? Getting motivated is the first step toward achieving your New Year resolution goal.

It’s not impossible and you really can do it! I am here to help you get motivated. Here are some Tips and Tricks to help get you motivated for your morning workout!


Set Your Goals


Setting your goals is key to the start of any weight loss process. Goals are important because they give us a sense of direction and motivation. If we are on the right track to accomplishing our goals, we feel a sense of achievement. Once we make our goals, we feel more confident; we know that if we put our mind to it we can achieve it (Plus, were happy with our killer body too!).  


Go to Sleep Earlier

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Having trouble waking up in the morning? Just go to sleep earlier! Working out in the morning is a great way to jump start your day. Just go to sleep a little earlier, set your alarm a little earlier, and hit the gym in the morning. Start your day feeling refreshed and at ease.


Eat a Healthy Breakfast


Eating a healthy breakfast is sure to motivate you for your morning workout! I mean, eating healthy and working out for your health...they just go hand and hand. So, why bother doing one without the other? Wake up and eat your nutritious breakfast, then head to the gym for a great start to a healthy day.


Put Your Workout Clothes Together the Night Before


Putting your workout clothes together before you go to bed is a great way to motivate you in the morning. Just make sure your clothes are in eyes reach! Seeing them when you open your eyes will be the motivation you need to get out of bed and start your day off right!


Download a Fitness App

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Fitness apps are great workout motivation. Wake up in the morning and begin your day with a clean slate. Log in your workouts, track your progress and keep record of your daily food intake. Some great fitness apps include, Argus (free), Sworkit (free), Headspace ($12.95/month) and Fitmo ($8.77/month).


Get a Workout Buddy


Having a fitness buddy will be just the morning workout motivation you need! You will have to schedule your gym sessions ahead of time, forcing you to be accountable. This means, always showing up! Your fitness buddy will promote healthy competition; he/she will push you harder than you would ever push yourself.


Sign up for a Morning Fitness Class

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Leave your stress at the door! Take morning fitness classes. Once you commit yourself to a morning fitness class there is no backing out! Sign up for fitness classes in the morning to give yourself a natural energy boost for the day to come. Leave class relaxed and stress free.


Reward Yourself


As you create your goals, create specific benchmarks. Every time you reach one of those benchmarks, reward yourself! Some reward examples may include, a weekend getaway, buying yourself something special, or making the time to do something meaningful to you. *You could also try putting $1 in a jar. At every benchmark point you add $1, once you have met your ultimate goal you remove the money and spend it on whatever your hear desires.


Think Positive


Positive thinking is key to a motivational morning workout. You will never want to get out of the bed and go to the gym when you’re thinking “ugh I don’t want to do this.” Try waking up, taking a deep breath, and thinking “this morning workout is going to be a great start to my day!”


Track Your Results

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That feeling when you start seeing results… it’s amazing! Keeping track of your results is the motivation you need to get yourself up, out of bed, and out to the gym. Once you start seeing results, you will find yourself more motivated in accomplishing your ultimate goal.


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