Fitness Tip of the Day: Find a Workout Buddy

Start working towards your 2016 goals

Peter Bernik/Shutterstock

For some of us we are less motivated in the winter months. Getting a workout buddy helps you stay motivated, promotes healthy competition and makes your average gym session so much more fun!


Where to Find your Fitness Buddy: Find your fitness buddy at the gym or online ( Ask coworkers and friends if they like to work out. Or try group fitness classes, the perfect location to meet someone that shares the same fitness interests as you!



What to Look for in a Fitness Buddy: Someone that keeps you motivated, is supportive, is inspired and loving.


Having a fitness buddy will benefit you and the achievement of your goals. How? Your fitness buddy will promote healthy competition; he/she will push you harder than you would ever push yourself. You will have to schedule your gym sessions ahead of time, forcing you to be accountable. This means, always showing up and not letting your friend down.



*Benefit: You can now do 2 person exercises! Before working out was boring… Now, you have the options to mix up your workout and try new things! You will have way more fun working out with a friend.


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