Don’t Let These Excuses Stop You From Working Out

Make your health a priority and make exercising a habit

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You’re sick, you don’t have enough time in the day, your workout buddy bailed on you…Stop making excuses! Life is going to happen, things will always come up. Make your health a priority and make exercising a habit.

You can’t have the luxury of making excuses and seeing results. Working out is not a waste of time, sitting on your couch is. Think about all of the time you spend on the internet or watching TV. You can easily replace some of that time with a workout.

Get rid of the excuses, start controlling your weight, preventing harmful health conditions, improving your mood and sleeping better. Working out is going to help you create a healthier, happier life for yourself.

Below are some of the many excuses we use to avoid exercising. Don’t Let These Excuses Stop You From Working Out!


1. You Forgot Your Headphones

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I know what you’re thinking, what am I supposed to do between sets? How am I supposed to get through this cardio session? Don’t let forgetting your headphone be the excuse that stops you from working out. Instead, embrace the pain, your feelings, and struggles. You may end up leaving the gym feeling even more accomplished!


2. You Have a Cold

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Okay, you have a cold… So what? Sweat out those toxins and boost your immunity. Yes, exercise can actually help you get over your cold! That’s the last time you will use that excuse!


3. You Don’t Have Enough Time


Everyone has used this excuse at least once, “there’s just not enough time in the day."  Try scheduling your workouts a head of time, exercising in the morning, or joining a fitness group that you have to commit yourself too. After working out, you will feel happier, de stressed and energized. Trust me, once you start making time to exercise you will never look for an excuse again!


4. Exercise is Boring


Yes, exercise can be boring if you keep doing the same routine over and over again. Instead, try mixing up your workouts. Join a group fitness class, try circuit training, get a workout buddy, listen to music, use fitness apps, workout outside and set rewards for yourself.


5. You Don’t Want to Work out Alone

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So, you’re not going to the gym because you don’t like to work out alone? Throw that excuse away, get workout buddy or hire a personal trainer! Join group fitness classes, you can make new friends, workout with other people and get personal attention from the instructor. Some classes include, Zumba, yoga, spinning, pilates and barre.


6. You Are Too Tired


One of the worst mistakes we can make is going home right after work. Once we get inside we immediately feel tired from the day, and the last thing we want to do is go back out and head to the gym. Try working out in the morning, or packing your gym clothes and heading straight to the gym after work.


7. The Gym is Too Far


“The gym is too far” is an excuse used by many. However, you don’t need the gym to workout. Go for a run around your neighborhood or buy a fitness DVD and workout in the comfort of your own home. Try experimenting with different activities, go on a hike, bike around, or go for a swim.


8. You Just Got Your Hair Done


Okay, so you just paid $100 to get your hair done and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym and ruin it. Try using dry shampoo, wearing a headband and blow drying your scalp after the gym.


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