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I’ll just come out and admit it. I’ve skipped leg day before. There!  I said it. Ah, I feel better now that I got that out. If you’re a busy dad like I am, then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Here’s how it happened.

It was a beautiful summer day. I woke up, did my morning routine of meditating and stretching, and then quickly slammed some pre-workout just before I head out the door to drive to the gym. I’m feeling focused and ready to get this workout done so that I can go dominate the rest of the day with a clear head.

As I lace my shoes up, my fingers start tingling from the beta-alanine. Love that feeling, I’m ready to go destroy some weights. Just as I get grab the door handle I hear it….. Wahhhhh Wahhhh!

My 16-month-old son, Hudson, is awake and this dude is hungry. 

My wife works full time and we have an agreement that if he wakes up before 5:00 AM I’m on milk duty. It’s 4:45 AM. Time to put the Dad pants on get to work.

I grab the milk; spill it all over my shirt. I grab some more milk, put it in the bottle and get to my little man so he can get his gains. He doesn’t just want milk, he wants to read a book, chill and then poop in his pants before he goes back down. 15 minutes go by and YES! he’s finally back down.

I look at the clock and it’s 5:10 AM.  I now only have 40 minutes to get a quality workout in. The gym is 15 minutes away, driving there and back is out of the question.

Luckily, from being a high level athlete (college wrestler) & gym owner of Xceleration Fitness (Auburn Hills, MI) I’ve stocked up over the years with the best go-to pieces of at-home gym equipment that allow me to get a great workout in right from home.

If you’re a busy dad or just a guy who’s got a lot of stuff to do and can’t always make it to the gym, you need to stock up and be equipped with these inexpensive and useful tools that will keep you on the gains train. 

The Tools

1)   Furniture Movers

These work really well on carpet, but you can even use these on hard wood floors or any smooth surface.  Great for working the core, upper body and you can even knock out some lower body moves like reverse lunges.

Here’s a move that I’ve been digging a lot lately. Try it out.

2)   Homemade Parallette Bars

Let me emphasize homemade here. Why? Because you should go build these with your kids. Show them how important it is to build things with your hands and how fun it can be.

These parallette bars are awesome for upper body moves like a deep push-up and I love doing the L-Sit Holds to crush my abs. Try 10 seconds of these and you will be crushed.

Here’s a video of me on Fox 2 News showing you how to use these bad boys.

3)   Slosh Tubes

So simple to make and a unique tool that is awesome for working balance, stability and full body strength.

Here’s a video of myself and my guy John Papp making both the parallette bars and slosh tubes in under 20 minutes spending less than $30.

Get the kids together and have a project day. Then go get jacked.

4)   Medicine Ball

The number of moves you can do with med balls are nearly endless. I love using these for core moves like Russian twists and med ball un-even push-ups.  You can find these at Wal-Mart, Dicks and any sporting goods store near you.

5)   Jungle Gym XT

These are one of the more expensive items on the list ($88 on Amazon) but they are so worth the money.

I bought these nearly 5 years ago and have them where they are used every single day. I’ve never had to replace them and they provide so many suspension-training moves that can work your entire body.

Here are some moves that I love to do for my core and upper body.

6)   Resistance Bands

A number of moves you can do with resistance bands is unreal. I not only have these in my living room, but I make sure to travel with these guys for hotel workouts. 

$15 bucks get you a whole pack of these bad boys right here.

7)   Mini Bands

Same as the resistance bands, you can do so many moves with these little guys and they are very inexpensive.

Here are some moves that I make sure to get in.

8)   Chair

Yes. It’s that simple. Get out a chair and use it for elevated push-ups, RFE Squats or one that I like in particular the single leg workhorse.

9)   Dumbbells

$20 bucks at Target can get you a set of dumbbells. Buy them. The chances of you having to replace them are slim to none and a number of moves you can do with just 1 dumbbell is ridiculous.

Need some ideas? Here you go.

10) Blood Flow Restriction Bands

These are just brutal.

When your at home, you might not have access to heavier weights. This solves that issue in an instant. What we are doing with these is allowing blood to in the muscle, but preventing it from coming back out. You do 10-15 reps of a bicep curl with this and the blood starts to fill up.

Within seconds you have an amazing pump that helps you get big time gains without having to put big time loads on the bar.

You can use this for your upper and lower body limbs! Check out the ones I like right here.

11) Fat Bar Grips

I can still hear the groans and bitching from the football team I worked with at Michigan State University. We would put these fat bar grips on everything & as soon as we did we would hear “man these things are so hard!” or “my arms are on fire from these things!”

These little guys can have your forearms on fire in seconds! Great for building your grip, forearms, and shoulders. All you do is slap these on to dumbbells, barbells or even a pull up bar and bam! You got a badass piece of workout equipment.

You can buy these on amazon, but the ones I really like these ones right here.

If you can relate to this article and have some ideas of your own I encourage you to leave some comments on ways that have helped you get your workout in during busy times. The more we share, the more we help each other, so don’t hold it back!

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Chase It!

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