8 Health Rumors You Should Ignore

You can’t always believe everything you hear...

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You can’t always believe everything you hear. There are hundreds of rumors floating around the internet, whether we chose to actually believe them… well, that’s our choice.

Unfortunately, as time has gone on, health rumors have spread like wild fire. It has become difficult to determine what is actually true and what is false.

Common, are we really going to believe plucking one gray hair causes two to grow back in its place? Or, it’s okay to drop your food on the floor and eat it, as look as it’s within 5 seconds?

Let’s just say, the rumors that sound the most ridiculous are usually false. But, then again, we probably believe them anyway. Acting on these silly rumors is not doing us any good, and spreading the rumors… well, now we just sound silly too!

So, Forget Google, stop searching, and just read The 8 Health Rumors You Should Ignore.  


1. Muscle Turns Into Fat

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If you stop working out, you will hear that the muscle you created will turn into fat. This is not true. Fat and muscle are different tissues, one cannot transform into the other.


2. The 5-second Rule of Dropped Food

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This is not safe! All it takes is one second for bacteria to spread and latch on to your food.


3. Plucking One Gray Hair Causes Two to Grow Back

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This is absolutely not true. You can tweeze that gray strand if you want too! Your hair is turning gray as part of your genetics, as time goes on you will continue to see more gray hairs. This has nothing to do with the fact thank you yanked out a strand!


4. Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis

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Cracking your knuckles really doesn’t harm your joints. According to Everyday Health, “Researchers found no difference in instances ofarthritis when they compared a group of longtime knuckle crackers with those who left their hands alone, according to Prevention.com. However, the study did find that people who cracked their knuckles had weaker grips and more hand swelling.”


5. Chewing Gum Takes 7 Years to Digest

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This is not true! Gum is not digested by the body but it is eliminated like all other food your body can’t digest.


6. Drinking Water Causes Weight Loss


This is true if you drink enough water to make you full, this way you eat less. However, if you substitute your sugary drinks for water it is sure to aid in weight loss.


7. Breast Cancer Always Appears As a Lump

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This is not true. According to Prevention, “Approximately 10% of those diagnosed with breast cancer have no lumps, pain, or other indications of a problem in their breasts.”


8. Exercising At Night Will Cause Trouble Sleeping


The truth is, exercising at night actually promotes a better night sleep. It leaves you feeling less stressed, less anxious and helps you wind down.


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