6 Tips to Improve Your Concentration

Here are some easy tips and tricks to help improve your concentration


Is your mind racing? Are you having trouble focusing on one thing at a time? The ability to focus the mind is an important skill, that with practice, we should be able to possess. However, at times it is easier said than done.

Training your mind to concentrate on one single thing can be a difficult task. Daily stresses, distractions and other unwanted surprises can get in the way of your focus.

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Focus on your breath, practice yoga and exercise every day; spend time in the sun, take a short nap and eat something nutritious – just because you are easily distracted, doesn’t mean that you can’t just as easily refocus your mind.

Here are some easy tips and tricks to help improve your concentration.


1. Prioritize Your Tasks


Planning and prioritizing your tasks will help you relieve stress and stay organized. Time management is key to improving your concentration. Tip: Break down your tasks and do the most unpleasant things first. Getting them out of the way will help you concentrate better for the rest of the day.


2. Rest


Your brain may just need a break. Studies suggest that sleep has a huge impact on learning and memory. This is why a person who suffers from sleep deprivation has trouble concentrating and focusing on their tasks at hand. Tip: Next time you feel like you’re losing concentration, take a short nap.


3. Limit Distractions


Try and limit distractions to improve your concentration. Listen to music to drown out disruptions. Studies have shown a steady background noise may actually help drown out other noises, in turn, helping you focus and concentrate better.


4. Meditate

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Next time you need to get your mind back on track – mediate. Meditation may actually help you get more work done. It helps give you a clear mind, improve your concentration, memory and focus. Some of the many types of meditation include mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, concentrative meditation and open awareness.


5. Drink Water

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Dehydration can make us feel tired, weak, slow and unable to focus. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. This will help improve your overall productivity and concentration. *See: 10 Reasons Why You Are Tired all of the Time


6. Exercise


The health benefits of exercise are endless – it helps control your weight, boost your metabolism and reduce the risk for different diseases. However, many people may not realize that exercise also helps improve overall productivity and concentration. According to research, regular exercise releases brain chemicals which are key for memory, concentration and mental sharpness.


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