6 Easy Ways to Outsmart Stress

It’s crucial to manage your stress for your overall health


In today’s high-pressure society, steering clear from stress may seem almost impossible. However, it’s crucial to manage your stress for your overall health. Stress can cause anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

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So how do you outsmart it? The first step is to identify what it is that triggers your stress, and then you can learn how to manage it.

We want to control our stress, not let our stress control us. Use these tips to help remove your stress triggers and learn how to deal with them more effectively.

Here are 6 Easy Ways to Outsmart Stress.


1. Put your cell phone down


Today cell phones are a necessity, there are used for work, to set reminders, as a safety precaution, to take pictures, play games and keep in touch with family and friends. However, this necessity has shown to cause great concern for our mental health. According to CBS News, a study has shown that ongoing use of mobile communications technology was linked to psychological distress and reduced family satisfaction. Therefore, mentally your phone is stressing you out, but the exterior of your phone and charging cables can be difficult to manage as well. We have all been there before, the charging cable to our phone bends and the chord starts to fray, now our phone is dead and we have no source of communication. Tip: Cover the sensitive are where the charging cable meets the charging plug with a TUDIA Klip. It provides stability and support, preventing damage by 80 percent.


2. Stop procrastinating


Procrastinating – putting off tasks until a later date, can cause stress and negatively impact your mental health. How will you ever have a clear state of mind when you are always constantly worrying about the tasks that you keep putting off? Some tips to prevent procrastination include making a set schedule, getting enough sleep and hanging out with people that inspire you.


3. Take care of your health


Start out by identifying what triggers your stress, this way you can learn how to manage it. It’s important to take care of yourself – sleep well, eat healthy, exercise, take your vitamins, have a positive attitude and meditate. *See: The Top 20 Secrets From People Who Never Get Sick


4. Get some sleep


Sleep and stress are highly associated with one another. According to WebMD, “Sleepiness makes you forgetful,” and stressed out. It can also damper your immune system’s ability to function correctly. Therefore, if you want to reduce unnecessary stress and stay healthy, go to bed a little earlier.


5. Look at the positive side of things


Reduce stress by eliminating negative thoughts. Positive thinking can dramatically reduce stress and improve your overall health. According to Mayo Clinic, the health benefits of positive thinking include lower levels of distress, increased life span, lower rates of depression and better psychological and physical well-being.


6. Try a natural remedy


Instead of resorting to prescription drugs to relieve your stress, try a natural remedy. They are safe, inexpensive, easy to find and effective. Next time you are under pressure and you feel yourself becoming stressed try Kava Root, Lemon Balm, Green-tea-derived Theanine, Valerian Root tea or Chamomile tea.


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