5 Ways to Transform Yourself into a Morning Person

Becoming a morning person isn't as hard as it may seem


It's definitely easier said than done - becoming a morning person. Especially after a late night at work, or a long night out on the town with some friends. The last thing you feel is giddy and energized upon awakening. But the truth is that becoming a morning person isn't as hard as it may seem.

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You can wake up happy, energized and ready to take on the day, all you have to do is make a few adjustments to your morning routine. For instance, I know it's tempting, but you really need to stop pressing the snooze button, and while you may constantly find yourself running around in panic because your about to be late, it's important that you make time for a healthy breakfast.

Prepare your lunch for work the night before, get in a good morning workout and open your windows to let in some natural light.

Here are 5 ways to transform yourself into a morning person.


1. Prep before bed- Make a set schedule and plan your morning before you go to bed. Prepare your breakfast and lunch the night before, get your clothes together and ensure a good night sleep by setting a bed time and sticking to it. Doing these things will avoid morning stresses. Such as rummaging through your closet looking for something to wear.


2. Stop hitting the snooze button- Every time you hit the snooze button you are only taking more time away from yourself and your morning routine. You will find yourself rushing, stressed and anxious, which is the last thing you need before your hectic commute and long work day. Simply set your alarm and wake up before it goes off, or set your alarm earlier and snooze once – trick yourself into waking up on time. *See: The Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

3. Exercise in the morning- Wake up 30 minutes earlier and go for a quick run. You will improve your mood, fight fatigue, and increase your self-confidence. But most importantly, it will help you become a morning person because it helps your body release endorphins – endorphins are linked to your brain; they promote happiness and help reduce your awareness of pain by triggering positive feelings in your mind and body.


4. Eat a healthy breakfast- This is arguably the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast gives you the energy boost you need to start your day off on the right foot. If you’re running late, grab a piece of fruit or a protein bar; don’t let yourself go without eating your morning nutrients. After all, eating breakfast does aid in weight loss; it jump starts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

5. Let bright light indoors- Just letting in a little natural light in your bedroom will help wake you up and increase your mood. Studies have shown that natural lighting increases productivity, decreases stress and reduces fatigue.


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