5 Outdoor Activities Perfect for Celebrating the First Day of Fall

Fall is here and it's time to celebrate with these fun outdoor activities


OK, so maybe it’s not quite pumpkin-picking season just yet, but the start of fall is certainly here, and with its crisp, cool air, bright, crunchy leaves, and stunning sunsets, we think most can agree — there’s no better time of year to spend more time outside.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll certainly miss summer. But what we won’t be missing is its overbearing heat and the steamy humidity that typically comes along with the season, too.

We’re so ready to spend some quality time outdoors without getting super sweaty.

Here are just a few of our favorite ways to celebrate fall in the great outdoors.

1. Picnics
Pack a to-go lunch and meet up with your friends in the park at lunch, or prep a portable dinner to share with your family while watching the sun set. ‘Tis the season to spend as much time outside as possible, which means enjoying some meals with Mother Nature is a must.  


2. After-Dinner Walks
You know how you’ve been aiming to add more activity in your daily routine? Well the start of fall is the perfect time to embrace this new healthy habit, and after-dinner walks are the perfect place to start. Take the time to unwind from your day as you enjoy the seasonal scenery and reap some of the many health benefits linked to spending time in nature.

3. Apple Picking
Easily one of the most quintessential fall activities of all (second only to pumpkin picking, perhaps), not only is apple picking a fun way to spend time outside, but you can also look forward to making a whole lot of healthy homemade treats with all of the fresh apples you’ll acquire.


4. Lawn Games
Did we mention we love the whole “not getting super sweaty” aspect of fall? From soccer and Frisbee to KanJam, football and cornhole we’re of the opinion that fall is the best season for playing all types of lawn games.


5. Running
If you’ve tried running over the summer and decided it just wasn’t for you, we urge you to give it one more try while the oppressively warm weather starts to simmer down. It’s literally harder to run in the heat, so with a cool breeze at your back, you might find you actually enjoy a nice easy jog. (And if not, you can always try these workouts instead.)

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