5 Fun Sports to Try If Traditional Exercise Bores You to Death

If the typical gym scene just doesn't do it for you, consider trying one of these activities instead

Crystal Phelps—You’ve tried your hand at everything from basketball to swimming, but still haven’t found an activity that gets you truly excited. Whether you’re looking to get in shape or simply have fun, there are numerous sports that break away from the mainstream games you’re used to and put a new — or perhaps nostalgic — twist on things.

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Ready to get started? If you’re bored with traditional exercise or simply just in search of exciting new activities to try, why not consider one of the following not-so-common aports?

1. Kickball
You probably remember kickball from your elementary P.E. class. Its objectives are comparable to baseball, but kicking a huge bouncing ball can prove to bring out the child in all of us. However, if you think kickball is just a sport for the playground, you couldn’t be more wrong. Kickball leagues are springing up all across the U.S. to provide a fun co-ed environment for adults who can’t get enough of this elementary school game. Visit Kickball.com to sign up for a league in your area.

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2. Dodgeball
Like kickball, dodgeball is another game you likely remember from your childhood. But if you liked the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and always wanted to be a part of an adult dodgeball league, you’re in luck. The National Dodgeball League hosts both professional and amateur dodgeball tournaments. Consider joining a team or starting your own chapter if you’re interested in this adrenaline-packed game.

3. Bocce Ball
You may not have played bocce ball in elementary school, but this Italian game can be super fun, especially if you’re into the bar scene. As NPR.org explains, “The rules are simple: There are two teams, and the match begins with a member of one team throwing a small ball, called the pallino or jack, from one end of the court to another. Then, the teams switch off throwing larger balls, called the bocci, at the jack. The team closest to the jack after all team members have thrown the balls, wins the point.”

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More and more bars in various cities are adopting bocce ball courts. If you’re in the Washington, DC area, check out the DC Bocce League, which has grown to over 9,000 members since 2004. It’s also a great game to play on the beach!

4. Curling
If you’re interested in getting involved in an Olympic sport, curling may be up your alley. Related to shuffleboard, this game on the ice involves sliding rocks toward a target, or “house.” Since it’s an Olympic sport, it’s fairly popular, so it shouldn’t be too tough to find a curling club in your area. Of course, there is always room to get more involved with curling and move up to bigger competitions if you find it’s something you really enjoy and are good at.

5. Cricket
While cricket may not be a common sport in the United States, it is extensively popular worldwide and is something worth looking into. Cricket is much like baseball or softball, although you’ll notice differences, such as in the equipment and the field layout. Because of this, you’ll have to purchase cricket-specific equipment before you can start playing. Ideally, you’ll want to find a cricket field as well. If you can gather together enough people (you’ll need 24) and get a game going, you’re likely to find this sport to be one of your new favorites. Learn how to play cricket here to get started.

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If you’re looking for a new hobby to change things up, consider playing one of these unique sports — whether just for the day or for an entire season. Otherwise, ask around or do a quick Internet search to see what other types of sports leagues are available in your area. You might be surprised at what you find!


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