5 Benefits of Mindful Living

Maintain awareness of your thoughts, bodily sensations, feelings and surroundings by practicing mindful living


Maintain awareness of your thoughts, bodily sensations, feelings and surroundings by practicing mindful living.

Mindfulness has been becoming more popular in recent times. For those of you who find yourselves constantly focusing on the past or future, you may want to consider the practice.

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It’s the act of focusing your awareness on the present, living in the moment and cutting out all negative distractions.

Life Hack gives a few good tips on everyday things you can do to become a mindful person. Some of them include observing your breathing, going for a walk, writing in a journal, setting small daily goals, meditating and exercising.

5 Benefits of Mindful Living.


1. Reduces stress and anxiety- Mindful living can help individuals reduce and manage their stress and anxiety. It helps us come to peace with ourselves and look at the positive side of things, despite the overwhelming issues in our lives.

2. Increases focus and attention span- Mindfulness is the act of focusing your awareness on the present moment. It helps us become conscious of what we are doing, when we are doing it. Instead of sitting around lost in your thoughts, mindful living helps you focus on the present. It helps train your mind to focus on the moment at hand, rather than the past or future. *See: 6 Tips to Improve Your Concentration

3. Reduces insomnia- If you have been having trouble sleeping, it may be wise to start practicing mindfulness. In a trial conducted by the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center, people who were suffering from chronic insomnia who underwent a mindfulness-based stress reduction program showed results similar to another group who used pharmaceutical sleep aids, according to Mrs. Mindfulness.

4. Decreases pain- Mindful living can have a direct effect on pain management. According to Mrs. Mindfulness, meditation (a ‘formal’ practice of mindfulness) has the ability to change the way the mind perceives pain, so that it is more bearable.

5. Better health- Meditate for better health! It has been proven that meditation helps benefit the immune system. It also helps lower cholesterol, reduces blood pressure and can protect you against heart disease.


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