4-Move Bodyweight Workout For a Summer Time Fat Burn



The warm weather is now here and this is the perfect time to switch it up and add in a great bodyweight workout to your weekly routine.

Let's face it, when it comes to summer we often find ourselves on the road, on vacation and we also have the itch to get our workouts in outside. This bodyweight workout covers all of those bases and is a perfect remedy for you to get a summer time fat burn in. 

You are about to do some new, athletic and full body moves that are great for burning fat and building muscle fast. Take your time with these exercises and know what you are doing before you start the workout. That way you will have less time having to look at what exercise comes next.

 A big tip of mine is to use a whiteboard or anything that can be visible while you workout.  Ya dig?

Here's how you do it:

Go for 30 seconds at each move

Do not rest in between moves, go right into the next.

After you hit 30 seconds at all of the moves, rest for 1:30

Repeat this for 5 Rounds!

The Moves 

1) Hovering Sit Throughs 

This one might look complicated but it's not all that bad. Start on all 4's, kick your legs in the air like you are about to do a handstand, bring your legs down very slow and controlled. Right as you are about to hit your feet, slightly open one side of your hip and kick your opposite leg through (much easier to see in video). Repeat with the other side. Your shoulders and core will love you after 30 seconds of these bad boys. 

2) Squat Jumps 

Pretty straight forward. Perform a good squat with your chest up and weight back towards the heels. Explode up and perform a jump getting both feet airborne. Land soft with your knees and repeat. Your glutes will be lit up! 

3) Mt. Climber to Push-Up 

Think 1-2 Push-up! Hold that solid push up position, drive one knee up at a time and then go right into your push-up. This will put a little extra tax on your shoulders and pecs as you'll be driving off the front part of your deltoids (shoulder muscles)  throughout the entire movement. 

4) Eiffel Towers

Just like the name sounds you are going to make the shape of an Eiffel tower with your feet while lying on your back. At the top of the movement, lift your low back off the ground. Slowly and in control, bring your legs back down to the ground and repeat. This move targets your glute medius (side butt) and definitely nails your core! 

If you need any regressions or different ideas you can contact me 24/7 via social media!

Chase It!

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