11 Suncare and Sunscreen Secrets Every Women Should Know

New secrets have been uncovered


Just when you thought you knew everything about protecting your skin from the sun, new secrets have been uncovered.

Sunscreen has proven to be the best shields to protect skin against wrinkles and loss of elasticity which is caused by the sun, a process known as photoaging. Over time, it causes skin blemishes like liver spots and freckles.[slideshow:87030]

That being said, the SPF number on your sunscreen is vital to the safety of your skin. “Look for an SPF of 30 or higher,” According to UW Health. ”There's little evidence to suggest an SPF of 50 or greater offers better protection.”

We usually apply sunscreen at the beach, and think that if we are not directly in the sun there is no need for it. But the truth is, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “anyone over the age of six months should use a sunscreen daily. Even those who work inside are exposed to ultraviolet radiation for brief periods throughout the day, especially if they work near windows, which generally filter out UVB but not UVA rays.”


11 Suncare and Sunscreen Secrets Every Women Should Know


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