10 Reasons Why You Should Workout With Your Significant Other

Improve your relationship and workout with your partner


Exercising is essential for your mental and physical health - it helps boost your immune system, releases endorphins and reduces stress. But your everyday routine can get boring after a while.

You may lose motivation or find yourself in a rut. When this happens, what do you do? The worst thing you can do is to stop working out altogether. Next time you feel this way, sign up for a group fitness class, exercise in the park, or play a sport.[slideshow:90197]

While there are tons of ways to work out if you hate the gym, the truth is that if you exercise with your significant other, you may not find that it's so bad. Working out with someone else is exciting, especially when it's with your romantic partner. You can do partner exercises, spot each other, and spice up your relationship with a little competition.

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Working out together will improve your relationship, not just your overall gym experience. You will find that your sex life has gotten better and you both seem to be much happier- that spark you were missing has returned.

Hold each other accountable, stick to the same diet, motivate one another, work out harder and enjoy each other's company.


10 Reasons Why You Should Workout With Your Significant Other


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