10 of the Most Obnoxious Things About Trying to Lose Weight

Our readers weigh in on the most obnoxious and difficult aspects of embarking on a weight loss journey


Losing weight isn’t easy: anyone who’s ever set out do so would probably agree.

From going through different sized clothes to staying true to your nutritional goals, the process involves so many frustrating aspects. Luckily, one of the best ways to overcome and deal with them is to laugh about it a little.

To gain some perspective —some humorous and some introspective — we asked our readers what they thought were the most obnoxious things about trying to lose weight.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. When you know it’s bad, but it looks so good:  “Looking at nutrition facts on frozen pizzas/junk food. Like, I know it’s bad. Who am I kidding?” jenawithonen

2. When you’re trying to avoid cake, candy, donuts and other treats coworkers bring into the office.

3. When you’re counting calories: “When you’re significant other (or best friend or anyone really) offers you a bite of their food and in your head you think about how you will log those calories later.” shedidntsaythat

4. When your workout clothes don’t fit anymore: “Clothes not fitting right! Pants falling off on a run gets un-cute pretty fast.” startkwhiteshark

5. When you decline food and friends or family members continue to pressure you to eat.

6. When you weigh in: “Trust issues with the weighing scale.” cactushugsforyou

7. When you really want ice cream but don’t want to deter your goals: “Eating and trying to not to listen to your cravings!” xxxcomplicationsxxx

8. When that one friend continues eating anything and everything they want without ever gaining a pound.

9. When you lose all your good bras: “YOUR BRAS STOP FITTING. Nothing is worse than losing all your expensive bras which actually fit your unusual cup/band combination.” bluemoonrabbit

10. When you’re doing everything right but you still don’t see progress

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