10 Interesting Facts About Body Temperature

Body temperature can be affected by various circumstances


In order to maintain a healthy metabolic process, our enzymes need to be functioning at a certain optimal temperature – 37°C or 98.6°F. Body temperature is the balance between heat loss and heat production.

Fortunately, we are able to maintain a healthy body temperature regardless of external outside temperature. For instance, putting a jacket on if you are cold or taking off your sweater if you feel yourself getting warm.[slideshow:89044]

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According to Nursing Times, “body temperature is one of the four main vital signs that must be monitored in a patient.” It’s important to measure temperature accurately as it has a huge impact on diagnosis and treatment, an inaccurate measurement may compromise the patients safety.

You can also measure your own body temperature -orally by using a thermometer and rectal or under the armpit with a probe.

Body temperature can be affected by various circumstances. It changes as you get older, when you exercise, while you sleep and after consuming certain foods.


Interesting Facts About Body Temperature


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