10 Healthy Hacks to Help Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track this Thanksgiving

Simple and practical tips you can implement on Thanksgiving, all through the holiday season and beyond


Whether we’re training for a race, aiming to lose weight or working at improving our eating habits, for the most part, we all go into the holiday season with the intention of sticking to our fitness goals.

But as Thanksgiving creeps closer and closer, more and more obstacles begin to pop up in our paths. Pumpkin and apple pies here, a few parties that get in the way of your workout schedule there… We trust you know how it goes: we’ve all been there before. It’s easy to fall off track.

And then of course, there’s Thanksgiving Day. You want to enjoy your favorite foods but you also don’t want to go overboard. Just thinking about how to find that balance is stressful for many, and actually implementing a strategy that allows you to do so can be difficult too.

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There’s really no reason to stress over your food intake on Thanksgiving Day, though. Even if you do go a bit overboard in a single day, your goals won’t be entirely sabotaged.

Nonetheless, we know you still care about your health and are determined to keep your goals on track, so to find out the best ways to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving without sending your goals spiraling off track, we chatted with Georgie Fear, a registered dietitian, pro nutrition coach and author of Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss.

Below she shares 10 simple and practical tips you can implement on Thanksgiving, all through the holiday season and beyond.

It’s just one day.


“Remember that Thanksgiving is a day,” Fear explained. “You don't want to get into ‘Thanksgiving Break’ mode for four or five days if that means overeating for that stretch of time, and shelving your physical activity habits.”

Ditch the diet versions.


“You don't have to convert your festive dishes to bland ‘diet versions’ to make your meal significantly healthier,” Fear said. “If you want real butter and whole milk in your mashed potatoes, use them! Just taste them as you go, adding a little at a time, and stop once it tastes good. You might add a lot more calories and fat if you just drop a whole stick of butter in at the start.”

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