10 Healthy Habits Fit People Live By

Becoming fit and healthy isn’t as easy as it may seem


Becoming fit and healthy isn’t as easy as it may seem. Like any other goal, it requires hard work and consistency. It takes more than a gym session to lose weight, and more than a nutritious diet to keep your health on the right track.[slideshow:98683]

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Fit people set goals and follow daily routines. They schedule their workouts ahead of time and always find new and fun ways to exercise to keep themselves motivated. They may see a personal trainer to help keep them on track or join a group fitness class to make themselves accountable. But one thing is for certain, they eliminate unhealthy habits – smoking, not getting enough sleep, skipping breakfast – that could potentially get in the way of them reaching their goals.

“Staying hydrated is so important—up to 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water,” says Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in Jersey City, NJ. “When you feel thirsty, you’re likely already 1 to 2 percent dehydrated.”


10 Healthy Habits Fit People Live By


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