Why You’re Having Trouble Losing the Last 10 Pounds

Why You’re Having Trouble Losing the Last 10 Pounds


Why You’re Having Trouble Losing the Last 10 Pounds


In the beginning, your diet went great. You were eating the rights foods, exercising on a daily basis and you looked forward to stepping on the scale and seeing results. But now that you have had success, you are finding that the last few pounds just won’t drop.

This may be because your resting metabolic rate drops as your weight drops, ultimately causing your weight to plateau. *See: 10 Easy Ways to Kick-Start Your Metabolism Every Morning

It’s important not to get discouraged; weight loss requires determination and consistency. You have already made it this far; don’t give up now.

You may need to make some tweaks in your lifestyle choices. For instance, eating more vegetables, consuming more protein and cutting down on alcohol.

Here are some simple tricks you can use to help you drop the last 10 pounds.

You are consuming low calorie foods and not eating enough protein


Protein is proven to help you feel fuller longer. According to myfitnesspal, “having adequate protein coming in from your food fuels fat burning while preserving calorie-burning lean muscle.” *Bonus: It also helps repair your muscles after an intense weight training session.

You’re not lifting weights


If you are just doing cardio, it’s going to take a long time for you to see results. This may be one of the reasons you’re not losing weight. Lifting weights will help increase your muscle strength and endurance, improve your heart health, increase your metabolism and improve your bone strength. *See: 14 Ways Lifting Weights Will Change Your Life

You wear clothes that are too big


If you wear clothes that are too big, it may be hard to see if you are making progress. Fitted clothing forces you to remember what you look like. This may work for you in terms of motivation.

You’re not getting a good night sleep


Getting a good night sleep is crucial to weight loss. Not sleeping enough can undo the benefits of dieting; it may cause an increase in hunger and appetite the following day. WebMD explains: “According to a 2004 study, people who sleep less than six hours a day were almost 30 percent more likely to become obese than those who slept seven to nine hours.” *See: Common Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation

You don’t use portion control


You’re eating all the right foods, but you’re neglecting the importance of portion control. This may be why you are not losing the last 10 pounds. It’s imperative to get the right amount of servings and follow standardized recipes exactly to you know the amount of calories you are consuming. Estimate your portions by using a measuring cup, portion control plates or a scale.

You are stressed


If you have been undergoing a lot of stress, this could be the reason you’re not losing weight. Stress causes sleep deprivation, binge-eating and interferes with our will power to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You’re not drinking enough water


One of the main reasons why you are not losing weight may be because you are not consuming enough water. Many studies have shown that drinking more water throughout the day may benefit weight loss. According to Authority Nutrition, “drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn.” Tip: Drink Lemon Water for weight loss.

You don’t consume enough veggies

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The secrets to weight loss come down to a healthy diet and exercise. Vegetables are essential; they aid in weight loss, help fight belly fat and they contain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper bodily function. *See: Eat These Foods for a Flat Stomach

You skip breakfast


You’re running out the door in the morning and you forget to eat breakfast – this may be why you’re not losing weight. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day; so start off with a healthy breakfast and give yourself the energy you need for the day ahead. Eating breakfast has proven to improve concentration, give you energy, help with weight loss and boost your metabolism.

You are drinking too much alcohol


Alcohol affects your hormone levels, which affects the way calories are metabolized, this causing your body to store more calories. If you want to lose weight, cut out alcohol. Those extra calories are preventing you from losing weight.