A 45-Minute Yoga Routine for Increased Flexibility

This flexibility-focused yoga series will balance out your cross training routine


Flexibility is often overlooked as an important component of cross training. You can do all of the strength-, agility- and stamina-building exercises you want, but if your joint and muscles can’t achieve their full range of motion (which is really just a fancier term for flexibility) then your performance will still be limited.

That’s where this yoga routine comes into play. In this 45-minute class, instructor Tammy Mittell will guide you through a series of poses specifically designed to increase lower-body flexibility.

Our favorite part of this routine is that in addition to serving as an essential component of a balanced cross training regimen, it’s also a perfect way to ease into your day. Or, if you like to practice in the evening, unwind and de-stress at the end of the day.

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