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The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss: tips and tricks to drop pounds now

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss: tips and tricks to drop pounds now

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Drink Lemon Water

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Get in the routine of drinking warm lemon water every morning. Lemon water helps your body eliminate waste products while aiding in the body’s digestive system. It Detoxes your body, rejuvenates you skin, boosts your mood, cleanses your liver and helps relieves heart burn.

Lemons contain:

  • Vitamin C: Helps work against the common cold.
  • Copper: reduces arthritis symptoms
  • Magnesium: Essential for energy and helps regulate body temperature
  • Potassium: Helps with disorders including, stress and anxiety. Also increases muscle strength and electrolytic functions.

Eat Breakfast

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Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast and give yourself energy to start your day. Eating breakfast is proven to improve concentration, give you energy, help with weight loss and boost your metabolism.

Carry Protein Powder


Drink when hungry instead of eating your calories. According to, it is important to use protein powders when you are growing, when you are starting a new program, when you are amping up your workouts, when you are recovering from an injury and when you are going vegan.

Brush Your Teeth

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Itching for a snack? Just brush your teeth! Brushing your teeth right after you eat makes it less likely you will snack or eat again later. Under a time crunch? Just use mouthwash.

Eat "Dessert for Breakfast"


Don’t deny yourself those pancakes the whipped cream! According to, “Embrace "breakfast dessert." In a 2012 study, researchers at Tel Aviv University Medical Center found that dieters who ate a large breakfast that included a sweet treat lost 37 pounds more over eight months than those on an equal-calorie diet with a smaller, low-carb breakfast.”

Fast Forward Commercials

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We have all heard the saying, “don’t eat in front of the TV.” But, it’s important to know that even if you’re not eating directly in front of the TV you are still at risk. Studies have shown after watching commercials that consist of high calorie foods your brain begins to trigger hunger.

Eat on a Smaller Plate

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It is true, we tend to overeat when we eat on bigger plates and use bigger bowls. Fun fact: The color of your plate plays a role in how much you eat. Pick a color plate that contrasts with your food. For instance, according to the Washington Post, “participants who served themselves pasta Alfredo on a white plate (not much contrast) heaped on 22 percent more pasta than those who were given red plates (lots of contrast).”

Use Olive Oil Instead of Butter

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I know, we all love butter. But, what if I told you we have another option that is just as good. Just use olive oil. Use it on your break and use it when cooking on your stove. Replacing butter with olive oil will help you cut back on your saturated fat and cholesterol. Fact: Olive oil also contains Vitamin E.

Listen to Upbeat Music


Yes, it is true. What you’re listening to at the gym does have an effect on the intensity of your workout. Try listing to faster music, it will motivate you and help you push yourself harder. Music with a 150-160 BPM is great.

Some Songs to Motivate you:

  • Aerosmith- Crazy
  • Nicki Minaj (feat. Chris Brown)- Right By My Side
  • Rihanna- Jump
  • Demi Lovato- Got Dynamite
  • Michael Buble- Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Fall Out Boy- What’s This

Workout in the Morning


Eliminate your excuses, get your workout done in the morning! Why wait all day long for that dreaded after-work workout? Workout in the morning to feel good throughout the day, and give your metabolism a boost! Walk into work with your skin glowing, have a more productive day and after work, just go home and relax.  

Find a Distraction


According to, “Food cravings usually pass within 10 minutes.”

Ways to Distract Yourself From Eating:

  • Go for a walk
  • Meditate
  • Check your social media
  • Call a friend
  • Do yoga
  • Take a nap
  • Listen to music
  • Read a book

Eat Slow


Eat Slower to lose weight. When you eat fast, you are consuming so many calories; before you know it you have cleaned your plate. You may feel like you haven’t had enough food, so you reach for more. It is proven that when you eat slower, you eat less.