Workouts You Can Do in Your Swimming Pool

Swimming is not the only pool activity that will make you fit and strong


Aquatic exercises are usually used for rehabilitation and for alleviating symptoms of arthritis and other muscle aches. But water can also be a very effective fitness tool.

It provides resistance, so you can build muscle, while supporting your body weight at the same time and easing certain exercises on the joints and bones. This significantly decreases the chances for getting injured, especially if the person is obese or in poor physical shape.[slideshow:85935]

Water exercise can also help with losing weight faster. Treading water energetically for 15 minutes alone burns 153 calories, or about 10 calories a minute. You burn that many if you ran 6 mph for the same amount of time.

Another benefit of aquatic exercise is a larger range of motion because more muscles fibers are engaged. If functional training, a fitness trend in 2016, is what you are looking for, then try exercising under water.

Water is 784 times denser than air, which means that every kick and slide is a full-body workout. Your core, hips, glutes and arms feel it the most.

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