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Want to know the REAL reason many of my clients are losing 10,30 and even 50 pounds? It’s not the workouts. It’s not the diet plans. Well, actually, it is both of those, but the REAL reason for their success? Their spouse.

Seriously, it’s crazy when I look out into my gym and see all of the couples training together. The awesome part about it? Every couple I have that trains at my gym is having HUGE success with weight loss. It’s the hidden secret of fitness success.

If you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, you need to be teaming up and hitting the gym together. Stop saying you’re “too competitive” or you just “need your space." You are missing out on a sure way to have a ripped and healthy body.

Go to the gym with your spouse for 2 weeks. Join a gym together or team up and go to your existing one. I can almost guarantee you will see these things happen.

1. Less arguing 

2. Healthier eating 

3. Less stress, more sex, more happy

4. Motivated children 

5. Stronger connection 

Check it out:

Less Arguing 

It’s tough when you’re married with kids to get a good workout in. If you are going to different gyms on separate schedules, well, that could lead to some arguing. Most of us today have homes where both the husband and wife work so we really only have from 6:00-10:00 PM to really see each other and bond. If we are lucky! So we can use that 6:00-10:00 PM window to chill at home and watch TV (poor communication) or hit the gym together, get your butts kicked and do something that is beneficial for BOTH of you! The best part about it? You can’t argue with each other about stuff not getting done around the house. That bickering back and forth about taking the garbage out or washing the dishes disappears at the gym. The only thing you guys can focus on at the gym is surviving the workout and making a healthier body. It’s beautiful! When you get home you will feel energized and happier from that bond you had from the hour spent in the gym.

Healthier Eating 

This is without a doubt the No. 1 reason why working out as a couple is important. Eating healthier is 100 times easier when your spouse is doing it with you. Working out leads to eating healthy, working out together leads to eating healthy TOGETHER! It's 10 times harder to eat and stay healthy when your at a restaurant ordering chicken and veggies while your spouse is across the table from you smashing some chili cheese fries and downing Cokes.


Unless it’s cheat night. This is a bad situation to be in if you are on a health kick. 

For the guys out there who are doing this to your wife, you deserve to be sac tapped. For the ladies out there guilty of this, you need to really ask yourself: Am I supporting my man?

the spouse you want
My beautiful wife on a Sunday night prepping our lunches. I am the luckiest guy alive to have her support in fitness.

Going to the gym together solves this problem. You will start to personally see how hard each other is working and you get a sense of pride for each other. The unhealthy choices will diminish. Give it 2 weeks and I guarantee next time you guys are deciding where to go eat, it will be a healthy choice. Trust me.

Less stress, more sex, more happy 

Ok, so I don’t typically write about these kind of things so I’m going to give this my best shot and just say that the more you workout the better you are at sex. It’s science. The better you are the more often it happens. The more often it happens.

Motivated children

I love, love, love hearing my clients tell me about how their kids are encouraging them to workout. One client told me his son said: “Dad, you’re like ripped now!” Another client told me that her son calls me her “master” and that she better eats good or I will be mad! Look, your kids watch everything you do. That is never going to change. What do you want your kids to see? Do you want them to see Daddy and Mommy chilling on the couch all the time watching “their shows”? Or constantly working on the computer being stressed out? Hell no! For real, when it comes to fitness and nutrition, your kids are going to learn everything from you.

couples blog # 2 not the kid
You don’t want to see this happening.

If you workout and take care of your body, so will they. Not just for the time they are growing up in your house but also when they go off to college and start their own family. It becomes a norm and a lifestyle.

couples blog # 1 kids
That’s what I’m talking about right there.

It all starts with you so make a difference that will affect your kids for the rest of their lives.

Stronger Connection 

This story right here pretty much sums up the connection part I’m trying to explain. Last night we finished our athletic conditioning boot camp class with the classic 5 Minute Plank challenge. One of my loyal clients, Jeni, was pretty anxious about taking on the challenge yet again. When she first started working with us, doing a 1-minute plank was a challenge. Now, we were asking for 5 minutes. Jeni made it through minutes 1 and 2 with ease but around 3:30 seconds she started to shake. Just as she was going to give up, her husband, who was planking next to her, started to cheer her on. Soon the entire class was cheering each other on. The energy was contagious and Jeni found herself at 4:30 seconds. Only 30 seconds to go! Her husband got louder and the energy ramped up as they neared the 5:00 mark. BOOM! SHE DID IT!

Jeni Plank

Her husband connected with her and helped her though a struggle. Sounds like a healthy marriage, huh? Going to the gym together gives couples the opportunity to help each other through “artificial adversity." It’s special.

Go home and sit down with your spouse, pick out a gym (don’t do the DVD thing at home – it rarely lasts and the social aspect is taken out of it) and pick 3 days/week where you can BOTH go to the gym and get your sweat on. If you live in Oakland County, MI then you need to keep your eyes peeled for my Xceleration Couples Deal that will be released next week.

Here is a workout you can start doing today with your spouse! Take 10 minutes and bust these out!

Med Ball OH Slams & Squat Hold

Push Up High Fives

Partner Leg Toss

Med Ball Side Toss

Go for 40 seconds at each exercise. Try 4 rounds and you will be toast!

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