Warm Up Exercises That Won’t Waste Your Time [VIDEO]


Warm up exercises. They can be the most boring or the most exciting part of your workout. Ten years ago warm up exercises consisted of touching your toes and counting to 10 seconds out loud. That is static stretching. I’m getting bored just writing about it.

Now it’s completely different. Watch a pro or college athlete’s warm up exercises today and you don’t see standing around, you see high kicks, jumps, crawling, skipping and all kinds of different motions getting the body ready. Why the change?

I’m not going to get into the studies of it. But basically we learned that static stretching does jack squat in getting the body ready. What gets the body ready is getting blood flow to the muscles and raising the internal temperature of the body. These are done with proper warm up exercises that won’t waste your time.

For the past 7 years I have not taken more than 5 minutes to warm up and I have had zero major injuries to my body.  Here is exactly what I do:

Jumps in place X1:00 Minute (front, side to side, twists, whatever creative way I can do them)

OH Squats X10 Reps

World’s Best Stretch X5 Reps each way


Push Up to Yoga Pose X10

Form of Lunge Matrix X3 reps ea.

Side Lying Windmills X5 ea.

Shoulder Matrix X2 rounds

Boom! That’s it! 5 minutes or less and you are primed to go with these warm up exercises.

Now get out there and chase It!

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