Upper-Body and Core Workout: Arms and Abs in Less than 20 Minutes

This intense upper-body circuit will help you achieve lean arms and a toned tummy


If you’re after lean, toned arms and that six-pack ab aesthetic, then you absolutely need to add this upper-body arms and abs circuit workout to your routine.

You can do this after your regular workout as a finisher, or if you are pressed for time you can use this as your entire workout. Either way, you might find it’s tough to lift your fork after completing this killer sequence of arm and core exercises.

Here’s what to do:

Set a timer for one minute to begin round one.

For each round, complete 10 reps of each of the exercises outlined below. Do this as fast you can while still maintaining good form.

When you’re finished, whatever time you have left in that minute is your time for rest.

When the clock hits one minute it’s time to start round two and then so on.

Here’s a look at all the exercises:

Perform 10 reps for each exercise:

Round #1: 

ARMS = DB Bicep Curl  X 10
ABS = Stability Ball Pulses X 10

Round #2:

ARMS = Diamond Push Ups X 10
ABS = Donkey Kicks X 10

Round #3:

ARMS = Barbell Bicep Curls X 10 
ABS = Diamond Crunches X 10

Round #4:

ARMS = Suspended Tricep Extensions X 10
ABS = Hanging Mountain Climbers X 10 (EACH LEG)

Round #5: 

ARMS = DB Reverse Curls X 10
ABS = Upright Scissor Kick X 10 each

Round #6:

ARMS = Dips X 10
ABS = Plank Butt Kicks X 10 each

Round #7: 

ARMS = Push Up Position Curls X 10 Total
ABS = Side Plank Crunch (Right) X 10

Round #8: 

ARMS = Barbell Inverted Dips X 10
ABS = Side Plank Crunch (Left) X 10

Round #9: 

ARMS = Hammer Curls X 10
ABS = Oblique Crunch Toe Touch (Left) X 10

Round #10:

ARMS = DB Triceps Extension X 10
ABS = Oblique Crunch Toe Touch (Right) X 10

If you can get to 10 minutes and finish all of the reps, then I want to meet you!

In fact if you can prove that you did it with a video for proof I will personally send you an Xceleration shirt of your choice!

You have to do this before October 1st though, so get to pumpin!

Chase It!

-Ben Boudro

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