Strip Away Body Fat with this 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout



Get 1 mat, lace up your shoes and prepare to strip away fat with this 15-minute bodyweight workout!

This workout is very simple but will seriously be working your legs and abs the entire time. I love doing this workout on  days where I have very little time and I can’t make it to the gym. This past month my wife and I went on vacation to the beautiful beaches of Rosemary Beach in Florida. I wanted to be anywhere but a gym on my time off so rather than skip our workouts all together we would wake up and knock out this 15-minute bodyweight workout.

Here we go:

Here is how you do it: 

Go for :40 seconds at each move

Rest :20 seconds as you move from one move to the next

Rest 1:00 minute in between rounds

Do 3 rounds total!

Here are the moves: 

1) Falling Burpee Jump Tucks 

This move is pretty advanced so if you aren’t comfortable with the fall just do a regular burpee to jump tuck. The backpedal on the way back adds more fatigue to your quads so you can expect your legs to be ignited!

2) Side Plank 2 Way Toe Touch 

The side plank targets your obliques and will work your entire body. Touching both out in front and to the side makes your stabilizers work big time which will help tighten your belly fast.

3) Mat Speed Shuffle 

A little bit of athleticism required for this one. Stay low and keep your feet moving as fast as you  can. Your quads and calves will be on fire in about 10 seconds with this one!

4) Lateral Knee Drive Hops

Just in case your legs were not dead already this one just absolutely crushes them! Stay low and drive your knee up fast. Every time you drive that knee you are using your abs and hip flexors. Add that to the fast movement and BAM! You are burning some serious fat!

Try this with a partner and share this!

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Chase It!

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