Strength Training Exercises, No Weights Needed

In some cases, working out without weights is better


Getting stronger is all about adding load to the body and stressing it. “Timing and tension are what matter,” Chris Ritter, personal trainer and performance coach at Ritter Sports Performance, says.[slideshow:84836]

Strength increases in two phases – neurological and structural. The latter takes longer to see - some workouts lead to quick results - but the former has an immediate effect. “You can feel stronger the next training session,” Ritter adds, because the body is always looking to use more motor units, which are motor neuron and the skeletal muscle fibers.

Detrained people usually start with bodyweight strength exercises to get results early on because the intensity is much greater, Ritter says. “You can make such exercises pretty hard.” Another benefit of not using weights is that you have a bigger range of motion, greater variety and more movement control.

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