A Simple Way to Toned Arms & Abs That You Can Do Right from Home



Want a new way to get that tight feeling in your arms? Maybe you’re looking for new ways to work your core and your arms at the same time? Well look no further. This simple and new workout targets your arms & abs in a way that allows you to get it done quickly and get on with your busy day.

This is how I’ve helped stay at home moms and dad’s get tighter and more toned bodies right from their living rooms. Its with simple, efficient and quick workouts just like this one here.

How You Do It:

You will do 3 Full Rounds of each move. Resting only 1 minute in between rounds.

The cool part is that each round gets shorter in time so it gives you something to look forward to. 

In round #1 you will go for 45 seconds at each move.

In round #2 you will go for 35 seconds at each move.

In round #3 you will go for 30 seconds at each move.

Make sense? Here are the moves.

The Moves:

Box Elevated Sit Through’s

Twisting Blast Off Push-Ups

Sit-Up to Alpha Press

Push-up Arm Raises

For more quick, simple and effective workouts that you can do right at home go and check out benboudro.com where I post workouts and simple tips for all fitness levels.

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