Simple Fitness and Health Hacks that Help Slow the Aging Process

An expert weighs in on simple healthy habits that can help combat aging


One of the biggest misconceptions about aging, says women’s fitness expert and celebrity trainer Larysa Didio, is how little people think diet and exercise have an effect on the process as we continue to grow older.

As we age, we’re often tempted to turn to face creams, hair dyes and maybe even plastic surgery, but in fact, a healthy lifestyle may be the best way to combat the effects of aging — and not only in terms of appearance, but your overall health, too.

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What exactly should that healthy lifestyle involve? Well, starting with your diet, Didio says there are a few simple strategies that might help.

“Some dietary strategies people can follow that might help to slow the aging process include drinking lots of water, eating more protein — to keep muscle on — and following a rotational diet — not eating the same foods— to ensure that you get a range of vitamins and minerals,” she explained.


And when it comes to exercise, Didio compared strength training to the fountain of youth.

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“Since we lose three percent of muscle per decade, weight training is a must and I like to call it the real fountain of youth,” she said. “Also, Pilates is great because it increases flexibility — which we lose as we get older — and keeps the core strong to help alleviate back pain and other injuries.”

Of course, aging well and slowing the process isn’t only about what you should be doing, but also the unhealthy habits that you’ll want to avoid.

“Not wearing proper and supportive footwear – both in and out of the gym – can actually speed up the aging process,” Didio said. “By wearing unsupportive shoes, you can cause damage to your feet because it puts unnecessary stress on joints, like your ankles and knees. Aetrex makes shoes – including ballet flats, boots, sandals and sneakers – that have built-in orthotics and memory foam cushioning, which provides important support to feet and ankles and also helps with shock absorption and alignment.”


Additionally, Didio pointed out that lack of sleep can certainly amplify the aging process, so it’s important to not skimp out on getting an adequate amount of shut eye each night.

At the end of the day, aside from your genetics, aging is result of all the habits you follow on a regular basis, and Didio’s final piece of advice is straightforward and simple.

“Do everything in moderation,” she said, “A little bit of all things is good for you and your soul. Too much of one thing can harm you and age you more quickly.”

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