The Simple 30-Minute Workout that will Get You Serious Results

This simple but intense circuit workout will leave you dripping with sweat and burning calories long after its over


Need a quick workout routine? Something fast, intense and that leaves you burning fat for 48 hours after your workout?

I’ve got the perfect bodyweight workout for you. It’s outline both in the video and the text below.

Here’s what you need to know: go hard for 30 seconds at each exercise then rest for 30 seconds in between each of the 10 rounds.

Complete round one through 10, rest for three minutes and then repeat the circuit again.

Round # 1 
• Chin-Ups
• Push-Ups
• Squat Jumps

Round # 2 
• Push-Up Jacks
• Seal Jacks
• Squat Jacks

Round # 3 
• Side-to-Side Push-Ups
• Judo Push-Ups
• Push-Up to Plank

Round # 4 
• Split Jumps
• Skater Jumps
• Single-Leg Tuck Jumps

Round # 5 
• Bicep Curls
• Mountain Climbers X 5 to Push-Up
• Back Lunge Knee Drives

Round # 6
• Hip Heists
• Push-Up Knee to Elbow
• Box Jumps

Round # 7 
• Revolving Plank
• Power Switch Steps
• Windshield Wipers

Round # 8
• Pull-Ups
• 3-Way Mountain Climbers
• Front Box Shuffle

Round # 9 
• Burpees
• Spilt Squat Jumps
• Reverse Burpees

Round # 10 
• Finger Tip Push-Ups
• Donkey Kicks
• Froggers

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