Should You Try Kettlebells?


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Ron Burg - There is a definite divide in the fitness world over kettlebells. Some think that it is simply a fad, while others point to the many benefits that kettlebells have to offer. If you are seriously thinking of incorporating kettlebells into your workout, here are some things to consider.

Reasons to Use a Kettlebell

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should try the cannon-ball shaped weight, these reasons might just help push you to finally pick it up:

A Leaner, Tighter Body: Perhaps the most touted benefit of regular kettlebell workouts is achieving a leaner and tighter body.

Improves Your Cardio Workouts: Kettlebells are great workouts for improving your cardio sessions. They allow you to target muscles that are more difficult to work.

It’s Easy to Use:  A kettlebell is convenient to store at your office or home for a quick workout, and you don’t need a lot of space. 

Cut Your Workout Time:  You can cut your workout time down considerably with kettlebells and burn just as many calories.  Studies have shown that a kettlebell workout can burn the same amount of calories as a six-minute mile.

How to Get Started

Choose the Right Kettlebell:  Of course, acquiring a kettlebell is the first step to regular kettlebell workouts. You can purchase a kettlebell at any sporting goods store. Brands such as Dragon Door or Apollo make quality kettlebells.

Wear Proper Attire:  Just with any other physical activity, you need to have the proper workout gear to be comfortable during your workout. At, you can find quality workout clothes for a wide variety of sports.

Make Sure It Is the Correct Weight for You: Don’t look at what everyone else is using and pick the right kettlebell weight for you. Choosing too heavy of a weight could lead to serious injuries. A good starting point for women is an 8kg (18 lb.) kettlebell, while men can choose a 16kg (36 lb.) kettlebell.

Master the Proper Form: Using the wrong form can lead to getting injured. It is best if you hire a certified kettlebell instructor or purchase a DVD that was made by a certified instructor.  It is recommended that you hire a trainer that can help correct your form as you go.

Learn Standard Exercises: Now that you’ve got the essentials and have mastered the proper form, you can begin learning a few standard kettlebell exercises. Learning a few exercises will allow you to take your kettlebell with you wherever you want to go for an awesome workout.  Check out this website for a list of awesome kettlebell workouts.

Start Training with Kettlebells Today

It can be intimidating to start any new workout if you have had no prior experience before, but you don’t want to miss out on all the great benefits that kettlebells can provide. Start slowly and master the form so that you stay safe, and you will soon be on your way to a leaner and healthier physique.

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