Short and Intense 9 Minute Bodyweight Beach Workout


Here we go - a post-4th of July Bodyweight Workout.

Nine minutes, a beach (or field), friends, sunshine and motivation is all you need to get through this bodyweight workout.

9 stations

1 minute per station

Each station is done in an AMRAP style. AMRAP means As Many Rounds As Possible

Rest as little as possible in between stations.

The stations:

1) 20 Yard Sprints

2) Blast Off Push Ups

3) Scissor Kicks

4) Hip Dips (over and back = 1)

5) Runner’s Lunge

6) 20 Yard Bear Crawls

7) Regular Push Ups

8) Grasshoppers

9) 20 Yard Sprints

Keep a tally of all the reps you get for each station.

Add them up and post your score using the hashtag #chaseit4thofjuly .

The winner of the most unique photo using that hashtag will receive a Free Xceleration Head Band!

Chase It!

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