Partner Exercises: Simple workouts made for two

Have fun and workout harder with these simple workouts made for two people


Stay motivated, have fun and workout harder with these simple workouts made for two people.

The first step… Get a workout buddy! Not sure where to find one, look for a new friend at the gym, ask your coworkers, friends or try to find your buddy online (

Having a fitness buddy has numerous benefits. They will help promote healthy competition, push you harder than you would ever push yourself, and you will have to schedule your gym sessions ahead of time (forcing you to be accountable).

Below are some Simple Workouts Made for Two. Lucky for you, these workouts can be done without even having to leave the comfort of your home. So, either choose to meet your workout buddy at the gym, or invite them over for a simple workout session.


Medicine Ball Squat


Stand back-to-back and fall into a squat. One person holds the medicine ball, rotates their upper body and simply hands the ball to the other person. That person will rotate to the opposite side and pass the medicine ball back. Make sure after a few sets you switch directions.  


Medicine Ball Pass

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Both partners lay flat on the floor with their feet facing each other and knees bent. With their hands in the air they will perform sit-ups passing the medicine ball back and forth to each other.


Wheelbarrow Push-up

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Partner A falls into a plank position, while partner B stands behind them, grabs their ankles and lifts their legs slightly. Once you both are in the right positions, partner A begins doing push-ups while partner B bends slightly every time they go down. After 15-20 reps partners switch positions.




Both partners will get in the plank position facing each other. They will lift one arm off of the ground and reach toward the opposite shoulder of their partner. Repeat this with the opposite arm reaching to the opposite shoulder. This exercise should be done quickly for maximum results.


Squat Jumps

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Partners stand side by side, one facing forward and the other backward. Both partners will fall into a squat position, then at the same time jump up and give each other a high five and land back down into their squat.


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