Overhyped Exercises That Are Actually Wasting Your Time

Some are very popular - chances are you're doing them all the time


There are bad exercises for certain people and many are often not even aware that they are doing more harm than good to their bodies, Gail McGhie, an ACE certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and Level Two TRX Trainer, says.[slideshow:89572]

Seeing gym-goers perform moves that are a waste of time because of improper form happens relatively often, she adds. “There are so many variables such as positioning, amount of resistance used, using too much momentum, not bracing the core, going too slow, going too fast, etc.” 

But what makes an exercise useless is not just bad shape.  Age, goals and lifestyle also play a role. People in their 40s have different priorities, such as overall health, than those in their 20s, such as strong glutes and a six-pack.

It’s not a mistake to spend more than an hour at the gym but this depends on several factors. “The length of time of the warmup and cooldown varies for different people and varies also with the type of workout,” McGhie says. “For example, an HIIT workout in excess of an hour would be extreme.” Intense workouts and heavy lifts require more rest in between.  People who are new to exercise may be able to exercise for no more than a half hour.

Everyone makes mistakes. The internet of things is a powerful tool with too much incorrect information. It’s easy to fall victim to the latest fad.   

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