The Most Common Workout Moves You’re Doing Wrong (and How to Fix Them)

Fix your form before it's too late


Reading about how to do certain moves on the internet  is completely different from actually physically executing them. “Unless you are an advanced athlete, it’s difficult to learn an exercise completely online because it’s hard to tell whether you’re performing it correctly or not,” Jeremy Ethier, founder of HIIT Your Body, says.

Ideally, you want a professional to watch and show you in person how to do every specific exercise that is part of your program. It is extremely important to get it right from the start. “If your form is off from the beginning, this will create muscular imbalances in your body and with time will make it much harder to fix the form,” Ethier adds.[slideshow:89500]

People get compound exercises wrong all the time, Ethier says. “These are exercises that involve more than one muscle group such as squats, deadlifts, and standing overhead press. They require coordination and rely on your ability to move multiple joints/limbs in a correct manner to complete the movement.”

Exercises for the shoulders are hard to get right. “I think the main mistake people make with their shoulders is over-training their front delts compared to their rear delts,” Ethier says. Front delts get a lot of attention from common exercises in the gym and also in sports and daily activities, but this causes shoulder imbalances.” To train the rear delts, he adds, do rear delt dumbbell flies or rope pulls.

Ethier says he uses a stability ball to correct some of his client’s form for the squat – stability ball wall squats – as it supports the back throughout the movement.

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