How to Treat Sore Muscles

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I preach pushing yourself every day. Push past your breaking point! Stop being comfortable!  Crush your body!…Yeah, I yell those often.

Take a look at some of my workouts and you’ll see they are not easy to do and, yes, they will leave you sore the next day.

I do it because I know the human body is capable of some amazing feats. But every once in awhile you and the body needs a break. We all do.

Without recovery it’s impossible for muscle to grow and when muscles stop growing that’s just not cool. You need to beat muscle soreness now!

Here is a workout I send to my college athletes and adult clients after they have had a long week of training.

It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete and will seriously improve your performance the next day.

Go for: 30 seconds @ each station

2 Rounds

Tri-Set # 1

Hips Flexed, Hips Rocking

Bottom Position I’s Y’s & T’s

Hamstring Rockers

Tri-Set # 2

In-line elbow to ground

Door Slides

Hamstring Kicks

Tri-Set # 3

Light Goblet Squat w/press

Face Down Internal/External Rotation

Tall Kneeling Quad Pulls

Tri-Set # 4

Forward Lunge w/lean

Shoulder Dislocations

Push Up to Yoga Pose

Tri-Set # 5

Side Lying Windmills

Band Shoulder Hangs

Lateral Lunge w/lean

Give this beat muscle soreness workout a try and allow your body to recover.

Chase It!

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