How To Get Toned Legs & Rockin' Abs in 31 Days



Ready for a surefire way to toned legs and rockin abs for the beach this summer?

Great! This is not going to take long (actually just 5-6 minutes per day) but it will be challenging!

We just completed this 30 day Butt & Abs challenge here at Xceleration Fitness and wow! This was a tough but fun challenge and we have definitely built some tight and toned legs as well as some six pack abs in this gym!

Here is your workout:

Right click on the photo and save it to your phone! You can do this anywhere and it only takes less than 10 minutes to do!

As you can see this challenge gets progressively harder as the days go by. Don’t worry though, your body will adapt as your legs will get stronger and your flexibility will dramatically increase (especially with your hips). Oh yeah, and your core will be way more cut from start to finish with this challenge.

Here are the video demonstrations for the exercises:

Print this off and mark down each day! Build the momentum and keep it going for 30 days. The end result? You on the beach this summer with a tight and toned butt with some flat, sexy abs.

If you really want to take your abs and butt to the next level you can email me at for free healthy grocery list. Remember, Abs are made in the kitchen!

Chase It!

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