How To Get Toned Arms Fast (4 Simple Moves)



We all want to get toned arms right? Don’t deny it. Nobody wants to have that extra jiggle under your triceps and nobody wants to have those “flat” looking arms. Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of perceptions can be made on somebody who has muscular and toned arms. So how do we get these nice and toned arms without spending hours doing bicep curls in front of the mirror?

Here are 4 simple and fast ways you can get toned arms fast. I use these moves with both my online clients and my in-person clients at Xceleration Fitness.  Run your arms through this quick circuit and you will have that “tight” aka “swole” feeling in your arms throughout your entire day.

Here we go.

How You Do It:

Really simple, you are going to hit 8 solid reps at each move and there is no rest between the moves.

Once you get 8 reps at each move that equals 1 round.

Rest for 1 minute between rounds and complete 5 rounds.

Got it?

There are only 4 moves to remember.

The Moves

Suspension Muscle Ups  

Dumbbell Curls with twist (fat grip option)

Kettlebell Low Curl & Twist

Bench Triceps’ Dips

For more quick, simple and effective workouts just like this be sure to head over to where I post workouts and simple tips for all fitness levels.

Chase It!

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