Do 1 set of each exercise in the order shown without rest; then rest 90 seconds. That’s 1 round. Go for 4 Rounds of each circuit then move on to the next circuit (A-B-C-D)

Circuit #1

Suitcase Carry (DB’s = Half Your Body Weight OR Rogue Farmer Carry Bar) X:30 seconds each arm 

Valslide Single Leg Push Up To Knee Tuck X10 ea

Pull Up Combo (towel grip, wide grip,  chins) X3 ea. 

    Circuit #2

    Iso Hold DB Bench X10ea

    Band Resisted KB Swing X15

    Alpha Press X10 ea side 

      Circuit #3

      Off Set RFE Squat to Single Leg Deadlift   X6 ea.

      Heavy Reverse Sled Drag X:30 sec

        Circuit #4

        Hammer Curl X12

        Tricep Dips X15


          Airdyne Sprints: 

          30 seconds ALL OUT

          15 seconds rest

          20 seconds ALL OUT

          10 seconds rest

          10 seconds ALL OUT

          Rest 2 mins