Fitness Tip of the Day: Take Care of Your Skin before Working Out

Your skin is just as important as your biceps and thighs

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Skin care has got to be the most over-neglected part of working out. You buy the right clothes, hire the right coaches, set up the proper training sessions, but omit that your skin is just as important for your health.

There is no reason why a great workout should be followed by skin breakouts. Whatever your routine for the day is and wherever you are exercising, there are a few basics you should always follow.

Remove all makeup

Sweat and chemicals together all over your skin result in excess oil being stuck in your skin. The pores open up when you are working out and sweating. Don’t block them from breathing with the leftover makeup that is clogging them up (unless you think acne looks good on you). Clean your skin thoroughly.

Take a shower before hitting the gym too

This one may sound weird but the face is not the only part that needs washing before a workout so you don’t block the pores. There is no better way to clean your skin than a shower. Don’t go crazy with the soap though.

Put moisturizer with sunscreen on

This is especially true if you are exercising outside. It doesn’t matter that it’s winter and it’s cold. Harmful UV rays break though clouds to get to your skin. Pick a moisturizer that has zinc in it because it helps against hyperpigmentation and aging.

Don’t wash your hair before exercising

If you are the kind of person who washes their hair every day, try to at least do it after working out. The products you use, especially conditioners, are often too oily. As you wash your hair, they make their way down your spine and skin all over your body, clogging your pores.

Clean off equipment before using it

Going back to the acne problem …Not cleaning up whatever equipment you’re about to use and touching it with your bare skin is a recipe for acne because of the microbes that you have just transmitted onto your skin. At least avoid touching your face during workouts to decrease the chances of breakouts there.

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