Fitness Tip of the Day: Go Back to Basics

Master the basics before you add on them

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You go the gym on regular basis, you don’t need to lose weight and people ask you for advice when they see you work out. Your routing is probably so advanced that you don’t even do the most basic exercises anymore. That is not recommended.

Ditch the complicated programs once a week and go back to basics just like back in the day when you worked on the major muscle groups with a few moves – squats, pushups, planks, burpees and jumping jacks.

Body weight exercises are coming back possibly topping high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which are short intense exercises with no rest in between, in popularity. Basic exercises are crucial to moving on to strength-training and improving your fitness. You have to master the moves before you make them more complex.

Going back to basics also forces people to regain your focus, reduce stress, and see just how easy an exercise can be done properly so you don’t risk injuries. Besides, you can even get better results with a minimalist routine – executed the right away – compared to a wild long-hour program.


Squats are a functional exercise because they help your whole body to perform real-life activities much easier. Squats improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles. The latter is especially important when it comes to injuries because most of them are the result of weak muscles and soft tissue (ligaments and connective tissues).


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Pushups are a great challenge. They target three main areas – chest, rear shoulder and triceps muscles – which makes them perfect for building upper body strength.


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This exercise is many fitness instructors’ favorite for the core. It works out pretty much the whole body – arms, upper body, abs, lower back. Planks are so fundamental because they use the weight of your own body to maintain the stability of your entire core.


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Another pro’s favorite. Burpees put your entire body to work. They increase both your muscular and cardiovascular endurance at the same time. Even though they are very taxing, they are idea for improving your aerobic fitness.

Jumping jacks

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This one may seem very easy to do but you may have no idea who beneficial it actually is when it comes to functional fitness. They work multiple muscle groups and get the heart rate up. This aerobic exercise is very convenient because it can be done literally anywhere. All you need is a little space to jump in. This is a great cardio exercise elevate your heart rate – you burn fat at a fast rate.

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