Expert Tips for Fighting Fall Allergies

One doctor shares her top tips for fall allergy prevention and relief


It seems like only yesterday we were talking about the onset of spring. Yet, here we are, all of a sudden, gearing up for fall — and consequently, the entirely new set of seasonal allergies that will inevitably interrupt an otherwise enjoyable time of year.

“Environmental allergies usually rear their head in spring and fall,” says Dr. Gabrielle Francis, a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist who has been practicing natural medicine for more than 30 years.

“While you may want to blame mom or dad for your hereditary predisposition to the condition, it may also be a result of a weakened immune system or compromised adrenal function.”

According to Francis, symptoms may include a runny nose, sinusitis, sneezing, itchy eyes, fatigue, brain fog, a sore throat and headaches.

Below, she suggests several solutions for boosting your immune system and combating histamines.

Fight inflammation and allergens while boosting your immunity with vitamin C (1,000 mg per day); food-based antioxidant formulas (daily,
per bottle instructions); bioflavonoid formulas that include quercetin, rutin and hesperidin (daily, per bottle instructions); proteolytic enzymes formulas with bromelain (daily, per bottle instructions); flaxseed oil (one tablespoon daily); and a probiotic (daily, per bottle instructions).

I recommend my clients with allergies also supplement with herbs like butterbur, elderberry, licorice root and nettles.

Add acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy weekly, as well as daily use of a Neti Pot or other forms of nasal irrigation to clean nasal passages.

Nourish and Hydrate
Eat citrus fruits and dark-skinned berries for vitamin C, along with red, yellow, and orange veggies for vitamin C and vitamin A. Add one teaspoon daily of local organic honey, a natural allergy fighter.

Finally, eliminate all sugar, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, wheat/gluten and dairy products, which are common allergens and can increase inflammation. Round out the diet with eight to 10 glasses of water daily.

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