Even the Fittest People Overlook this Important Healthy Habit

This simple habit can take your goals and aspirations to a whole new level


You eat plenty of vegetables, you participate in all different kinds of exercise, you get at least eight hours of sleep a night and maybe you even floss your teeth every day.

You’ve got the whole “healthy living” thing on lock and you’ve never felt better in your life. However, if your current routine doesn’t include a positive morning mantra to start your day with, you could be missing out on a whole lot of unlocked potential.

What exactly is a morning mantra? Put simply, it’s a positive statement that’s repeated — either silently or out loud (your choice )— that allows you to focus on positive and optimistic emotions. 

Sure, something as simple as stating a phrase a few times might sound trivial, but according to Dr. Nicole Martinez Psy.D., L.C.P.C., a verified mental health counselor on BetterHelp, it can actually play a big role in helping you to reach many of your goals.

“Mantras start your day out on a positive note, with positive thoughts,” Martinez said. “It is thought replacement. You are not allowing negative thoughts to enter your being, or your work. When they creep in, they are immediately replaced with a positive mantra.”

Essentially, starting your day with a positive and productive thought can help to eliminate any negativity that might hold you back from reaching your true potential each day. Plus, it sets a healthy and motivating precedent for the day ahead, encouraging you consistently keep up with daily habits that promote health and happiness.

Below, Martinez shares several examples of morning mantras used by successful people.

Morning Mantras for Successful People:
Today I am going to expect progress, not perfection.
I trust my intuition above all others.
Every day I will make small steps towards big goals.
Being positive is being productive.
The things that make me unique, are the things that make me a success.
Never underestimate yourself.
What makes you happy, will make you motivated.

Whether you’re a veteran exerciser who hasn’t missed a gym day in more than a year or you’re just starting out on a new fitness journey, adding a mantra as part of your morning routine can help take your goals and aspirations to entirely new levels.

After all, it may be cliché, but it remains true that the power of a positive attitude can absolutely go a long way.

About Dr. Nicole Martinez: Dr. Martinez received her Masters and her Doctorate from Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and completed her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship at Gateway Foundation in Lake Villa, Illinois. Prior to that she attended the University of St. Francis where she completed a double major in Psychology and Therapeutic Recreation. Dr. Martinez has experience working with adolescents and adults in individual, family and group treatment. Dr. Martinez areas of expertise include medical and health psychology, depression, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, anxiety, self-esteem, addictive issues, couples work, sexual issues, special needs populations, and chronic and rare medical issues. She has published works in the areas of substance abuse and rare diseases.

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