CrossFit: 9 Reasons You Should Try It

CrossFit may turn out to be just the right kind of workout for you

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CrossFit made the list of fitness trends for 2016 released by the American College of Sports Medicine. The sport has been popular for about a decade but it has reached its peak, according to fitness instructors, because of the high injury rate. However, if people take care of their bodies and stay healthy, CrossFit can be a tremendously beneficial form of training.

There are thousands of locations all over the world that have been designed specifically for CrossFit. It involves mixing high-intensity cardio and strength exercises with aerobics and gymnastics. Before you know it, you have progressed from barely doing three pushups to doing them with jumps and combining them with squats. In short, CrossFit surprises you with things you had no idea you can do.

A major benefit of CrossFit, which brings bodybuilding and cardio together, is more energy and self-confidence. But that is the case with exercising in general. A few other reasons should not to be discarded:

You won’t be bored

Ever been at the gym wondering what you should do next because you’re annoying with doing the same workouts? CrossFit is a type of training that constantly switches high-intensity exercises. That means that you will be running, swinging kettlebells, pushing huge tires, jumping ropes, doing gymnastics, and running pretty much every day.

Cheaper than some alternatives

If running in the park is not your thing, especially in the winter, and you can’t afford private lessons at Equinox, CrossFit is a good middle. You can do it for free by following online lessons and tips or you can join a small class at an affiliate. Bonus: It’s a cheap way of boosting you mood compared to paying a psychologist.

Mental toughness

CrossFit is all about measuring your progress. But getting to the next level is not an easy task. There will be pain, doubt and possibly tears from exhaustion. All of this makes you tougher. Your body adapts to harder and more intense workouts but your mind also adjusts. You’ll eventually feel like nothing can stop you from achieving a goal if you set your mind to it.


Whatever your goal is, you’re going to achieve it with CrossFit. You want less body fat and more muscle mass? Increasing your heart rate in no time is easy without running for half an hour: Just do a 10-minute combination of burpees, push-ups and air squats. Because the workouts are different every time, every muscle of your body will be activates, especially the tights and buttocks. Stronger and more muscles mean faster metabolism, which means burning more calories even when you’re not doing anything.  

New friends

Don’t be afraid to sign up for CrossFit classes by yourself. You will not feel alone for a minute. Everybody is going through the same issues, which is why people are supportive and motivate each other. No one will celebrate your personal record more than them. Imagine being around highly energetic positive people? Your time at the gym becomes a lot more than just sweating and burning calories. Next thing you know you’re planning a field trip with the others and exchange barbecue tips.  

Functional training

CrossFit is indirectly helping you perform everyday activities with much ease. You're training yourself to move safely, independently and efficiently. Before you know it you’ll be able to carry more groceries and other weird things, and you won’t feel tired taking the stairs for a few flights of stairs. Your range of motion will have improved which means your body won’t hurt when you try to play with the kids.


Whether you are a professional marathon runner, fitness instructor, a beginner to exercise or a couch potato, CrossFit has a program for you and your individual needs. Again, the sport is all about measuring progress. Everything can be scaled and changed. A typical class has athletes from all ages and sports backgrounds. For example, pull ups can be switched with lifting lighter a kettlebell.

All year round training

Marathons are in the summer, ice climbing is in the winter and soccer is in the spring. You can do CrossFit every day of the year regardless of what the weather is like outside. If you practice any sport that has a particular season, CrossFit is a great way to maintain your fitness level when it’s off season. It has it all – exercises for cardio endurance, strength, power, flexibility, balance, stamina.


CrossFit makes working out exciting again because it’s not boring and you can see how much you are improving. A common side effect is that people leave the gym wanting more.

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