The Best Exercises for Your Lower Abs

Don’t waste your time with reverse crunches and leg throw downs

The lower abs are the most difficult core muscles to define because they are the deepest in the abdominal wall. “That’s why it’s the hardest muscle to activate,” Makato Robinson, who has more than 30 years of experience providing fitness training, from Midtown Trainers, says. “It’s especially difficult for women because we tend to have more fat in that area,” she adds.[slideshow:88720]

It’s important to remember that spot-reduction is not a possible fitness goal. Fat cells are all over the body, not just in one place. That’s why trainers like to say that muscles are made in the gym but six-packs are made in the kitchen. “You will see a difference in the abdominal area, if you focus on the right nutrition and cardio training,” Babidiye Robinson, also from Midtown Trainers, adds. “High-intensity training is very effective.”

HIIT workouts have to include effective lower abs exercise. Don’t waste time doing reverse crunches or leg throw downs because they really work the hip flexors, which are much stronger than the abdominal muscles, Makato says. “To activate the lower abs, you have to deactivate the hip flexors.”

Don’t even pay attention to the numbers of reps and sets you do. “It’s all about the tempo,” Babidiye says. “It all depends on muscle recruiting.” If you hold a plank in a stable position, you are recruiting a lot of muscle fiber and will see results faster. You can do a move for two seconds and see better definition than if you did 20 reps of the same move, she adds.

Maintaining a healthy diet is key to losing belly fat, but certain strength exercises are crucial to build muscle.

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